Off the Streets

Following up on yesterday’s post, I’ll note that EdWeek has been collecting data on district reopening plans for Fall 2020-2021. Although they only have data for 760 something districts, they are most of the largest in the country. Half of the districts are electing for remote only, a quarter offering regular school, and a quarter offering hybrid/partial school (my graph from EdWeek’s data).
If you adjust for enrollment, though, two thirds of students (68%) appear to be in districts that are not opening at all, about an eighth (13%) are in districts that offer regular school, and 19% in districts offering hybrid.

Putting the pedagogical pitfalls of this aside, I’ll note that if you want to cool off the riots and strife sweeping the country, giving teenagers somewhere to be and something to do other than log into Zoom isn’t a bad idea. It’s unclear what connection if any the 17 year old from Antioch, Illinois who killed two protestors in Kenosha last night had with the school system, but the Antioch School District began the year with all remote instruction last week.

2 thoughts on “Off the Streets

  1. This and the other post (the whole interview I mean) are excellent.

    A question I have: do we know that riots/violence are primarily driven by teens who would otherwise in school? or is it the barely employed, now unemployed? or is it 20-something professionals who have been working from home?

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