Sandy Hook

Five years ago today was the Sandy Hook massacre. My oldest was a first grader at the time, and we live in a fairly similar community to the one in which it took place, so it hit pretty close to home. Lots of things change as a result of these events: my kids’ school was no longer unlocked during the school day, and you have to be buzzed in after being checked out on the video feed. Probably wouldn’t make any difference, in most unwanted scenarios, but these things are spells, rituals to ward off evil, not really policies people expect to work. The kids do intruder drills several times a year, too, where they move away from the doors and windows and stand still and silent for a few minutes. Like playing “seven up,” I guess, a favorite pass-the-time game of elementary school kids.

Since then, I’ve been on the same precise spot as a mass shooting, a few months or two years before it happened, twice, with my family. That’s odd, but less upsetting than Sandy Hook.

The emptiness of our society ensures the random violence keeps happening, the extent and type of gun ownership makes the body counts so high. I’m not sure if most conceivable gun control laws would make any difference. I do think that Congress should have passed some symbolic gun legislation after Sandy Hook. Spells, rituals to ward off evil, are necessary every once in a while.


4 thoughts on “Sandy Hook

  1. I agree about the importance of apotropaic spells. And here’s point I take from the image you put with this post, I don’t know if it’s what you intended: our culture is very bad at commemorating these events. A big bloody crucifix, a parade of men flagellating themselves, any number of displays traditional in the great religions of the world, would be better than that poster.


    1. As someone who does risk management for a living, it is clear to me that what scares people and what is dangerous don’t overlap as often as they should. In light of that, rituals to ward off evil could possibly serve to bring belief more in line with reality.


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