Head of the Class

The rolling butter churn of exposure keeps rolling down the hill, knocking into various Big Bad Wolves of media and entertainment and leaving them reeling and abased, begging forgiveness for sexual caddishness or harassment or assault.

A relevant question is, why now? Clearly, Trump’s election, and a sense among liberals that they must clean their own house of gropers before disposing of the Groper-in-Chief, must be part of it. The parlous economics of journalism, which makes opening up a few spots at the top look especially appealing, must be important, too. But I wonder if it also has to do with the particular cohort of young women who have come to prominence in media over the last ten years. At every stage of this group’s education, it was a realized expectation that women would outperform men, on average and in all but a few rarefied corners of high school and college classes. Then they show up in a newsroom, and it might as well still be 1979, at least in terms of who is running things (in many cases, the same exact guys.)


The negative spin on this is that these same young women are precisely the “26 year olds who know nothing” that Ben Rhodes bragged about manipulating as a media attache in Obama’s White House. It’s unclear- or frankly unlikely- that cleaning house will make the media more reliable rather than more unrelentingly ideological. But it will change things.

2 thoughts on “Head of the Class

  1. Makes sense. Though this seems like it could have happened at any time in the past 20 years or so, I think; Trump just kicked it over the edge.

    That said I wonder how many men (including non-gropers) they’ve scared and if we’ll finally see a real men’s movement in a decade or so that has something more substantive to do than send threatening letters and Nazi frog memes to feminists and journalists. We shall see.


    1. I wonder. I also think thatwhen you increase the costs of expressing interest in someone at work, you make it a more credible signal and probably more effective. I’d be interested in what distinguishes workplaces where a lot of colleagues marry each other from ones where it’s very uncommon.


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