More of the Same

Steve Sailer asked in comments to the post about Google and diversity how California’s growing racial wage inequality compared to national trends: the answer is that while black Californians have had a rapid drop in relative income since 1990, nationally racial wage inequality has been very static, with Southern blacks gaining somewhat in the 1990s and “old economy” Northern states like Ohio losing ground but not quite as fast as in California:


The story comparing blacks to Asians is similar, although California in 1990 had an unusually large component of poor Asians, which is no longer true, and trends in the rest of the country have been fairly static.


The pessimistic view, I suppose, is that easily mobile capital and a more nationalized culture has made different regions more similar in racial inequality as with everything else. But it’s a good reminder that, as with schooling  and mortality , the South tends to get more of a bad rap than it deserves.


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