Bannon and Mammon

If you want to understand why the media hates Steve Bannon with a white-hot rage, you have to remember things like this, and this, quite apart from this and this.

As much as many journalists probably sincerely hate Trump and the largely unfair vitriol he has unleashed on them , they hate a traitor to the profession and to the industry much, much more.

FWIW, Breitbart (like Bannon himself) strikes me as a cynically opportunistic organization (making use of the mile-wide opening left by an increasingly ideological media) rather than a white nationalist one.

2 thoughts on “Bannon and Mammon

  1. Heh. The guy has done a nice job trolling the media, I have to say. I mean, the ACORN thing was fake, but as far as NPR, couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of jerks. I’m sure Bannon isn’t a very pleasant guy to work with…but I’m also sure Rudy Giuliani is personally unpleasant, and he’s done more for New York City than anyone else I can think of.

    For all the ‘this proves Trump is secretly a white nationalist’ theories, I suspect Trump just picked the guy who got him elected. Lewandowski didn’t do it, Manafort didn’t do it, Bannon did.

    The ‘renegade Jew’ thing is everywhere trumpeted as evidence of Bannon’s antisemitism, where if you read carefully it’s more ‘right-wing Jew annoyed at less right-wing Jew’. I sometimes wonder if Breitbart is at least in part an experiment by a bunch of right-wing Jewish guys to see how far right they can go without the Nazis catching them.


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