The Outside of the Inner Circle

podesta-cellphoneCuriosity killed the cat, but satisfaction might bring him back. We might never know why those close to Hillary were so willing to conspire with her to set up a private email server (a- slavish devotion to her misguided whims, b- accomodation to an ongoing serious health issue, c- coordination between Foundation staff, State Department underlings, private benefactors, and future political allies, d- dark satanic rituals involving inadequate data security, etc) but one thing seems reasonably clear to me from reading an embarrassing lot of the Wikileaked emails, especially those sent right after the publication of the NY Times article about the private server, in March 2015: Podesta might have known what was going on, but almost no one around him or in the preparatory campaign did. They were all scrambling to come up with a coherent messaging plan and to coordinate with Hillary’s inner circle and the White House, often clearly with inadequate information about the reasons and scope of the behavior they were defending.

It is probably demeaning to the spirit of a great people to be sycophantically intrigued by court gossip and the scattered muttering of envious courtiers and backbiting counsellors; unlike functionaries of an earlier era, ours don’t even write in particularly artful or evocative prose. Podesta comes across as a judicious and efficient fellow, moving the nascent campaign along like so many chess pieces at the opening of a game, but he is mostly just cagey, perhaps knowing both that some schmuck like me would be reading what got leaked from him eventually, or at the least, that the people he was talking to knew even less than him, and he wasn’t in any hurry to let them know any more.

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