Taking Stock

I’ve posted about exactly 100 “real” posts in the three months since I started the blog, not counting the jazz birthday calendar or a few that were just quotations. Not surprisingly, the posts that were “takes” on current online or political debates did much better than  open-ended philosophical mumblings or personal reminiscences, but I don’t really regret the latter.

Not sure when I’ll stop-possibly very soon- but in any case, thanks very much for reading.


6 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. It’s been a pleasure reading your posts. Personally, I was a bit more inclined towards reading your anecdotes but I’m pretty sure me being a certain gender played a role in that, ha.

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    1. Don’t make us get all patreon-izing on ya.

      Are you writing this for an audience? For accolades?

      Creating art is really the only thing we can do that doesn’t depend on status or social hierarchy… if you can stand to do it without an audience.

      I was just talking about the Spotted Toad to my brother this last week, about how there was this blogger whose writing I find really very inspiring. My brother encouraged me to collect and polish my own thoughts in my own place. Because I don’t have any audience, for now I’d much rather join in the discussions already present and hosted by others.

      Does it make sense to create when nobody hears? I don’t know, but even if undiscovered talent never does get discovered there must be some utility in creating something of beauty.

      So many of our dreams entail impressing or evangelizing others. Doesn’t every adolescent dream of “changing the world?” Whoever dreams of understanding the world? Modesty and humility are truly virtues lost to our world.

      I hope our dear Toad doesn’t lose heart and keeps sharing his stories of stoicism in his battles in the classroom and elsewhere in life. We all could use more of that.

      If it’s all too much and too energy consuming maybe just scale back your ambitions. I’ve heard that too many dream of becoming “writers” but not so much as of “writing.” They say that writers don’t write because they want to, but more because it hurts not too.

      If you do decide to leave us, perhaps share some of your favorite influences, books, blogs, etc.?
      I like your graphics and the artistic design, but also hunger for a blog roll…

      A final bit of my ramble I’d like to consider the random nature of popularity and public attention… It’s strange how some things just take off so suddenly for so little expected reason. Things go viral in an instant and then the whole back catalog of that creator is just as in demand as the prompt for that white-hot instant of attention. It could happen. But I doubt it. Pearls before swine.


    2. I’d much rather be of a certain gender, whatever that means, than of an uncertain or indeterminate gender.

      OK enough thoughtcrime for today.

      Back to work.


      1. I think what I was trying to get at-and failed-was that, generally, certain topics covered on this blog may be of greater interest to males and certain topics for females (Politics and science vs personal stories). This doesn’t mean I think ST’s male readers are disinterested in anecdotes or that female readers don’t care much for politics and statistics, just curious about the gender ratio for the posts and made an assumption based on past experiences. It was something that was on my mind but did not explain why it was relevant in the context of my comment.


  2. Obviously it’s your choice and all, but this has rapidly become one of my top blogs and I’d be quite bummed to see you stop. I’m also as into your political commentary as your musings.


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