Freddie DeBoer, on the crest of one of his frequent oscillations between insightful media criticism and temper tantrums, tweeted the following:


…referring to the year-long break that David Roberts, now of Vox, took from his regular job at Grist, to unplug from the Internet and the 24/7 news cycle, to read and write and walk the dogs and think.

Now, to my knowledge, Freddie has just spent several years as a grad student, which is where they give you a little money and lots of time to read and write and walk the dogs and think.

I’m no socialist- I think socialism fucks up most things it touches- but the only halfway decent argument for socialism is the one a friend of mine quoted her dad as giving, when he ran the CPUSA office in Harlem. He used to drive a big Cadillac around to Party meetings, eliciting shocked cries of, “Communist with a Cadillac?” to which he would reply, “the whole point of Communism is so that everyone can drive a Cadillac.”

Perhaps Freddie should give it some thought.




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